White Headlights

“I like you.” His voice was husky – not sexily husky, just nervous husky. “I’d…like to…um. I mean, do you want dinner? Or a night in or something, if you want something…um, no strings?”

We’d met over board games, of all things. He was a friend of a friend, brought in to make up numbers; I was an original member, the quiet one who was usually the audience to others’ stories. He was dark-haired and dark-eyed and skinny in a gangly sort of way, as if he’d never quite filled out enough to fit his bones; I was medium everything, from boob size to opinions. I thought he was cute, but as he’d declined Hannah’s flirty offer to set him up with someone at the second meeting – citing ‘just not being ready at the moment’ with hints of a bad breakup and a long spell of celibacy – I’d mentally put him on the backburner. I’ll admit to some fantasies concerning him, but nothing I was actually going to act on.

That said, I’d offered him a lift home after the fourth time we met, when I found out that he was getting two buses home – at 11pm at night, no less! He gave me a crooked smile and thanked me seven times in a row, which made me laugh as I pointed out it was a only five-minute detour for me. We’d chatted about various subjects on our weekly journeys and got to know each other fairly well in a just-friends sort of way. But, despite all that, I had realised as he got in the car after today’s games that we’d never actually touched. Our hands had come close over game pieces or crisps, but we’d never quite got close enough.

And now he wanted to take things further – dinner, or a one-night stand. Well, that was an offer I’d definitely consider. I swallowed and stared out at the darkness ahead, lit up in two white beams from my headlights. I was insane to even consider this…but I slowed and swung into the deserted gravel parking spot on the top of the hill.

“It’s a quiet place to talk,” I explained as he gave me a worried look. His place had family; we never spoke more than a brief hello or goodbye when he got in and out of the car.

The quiet pressed in around us as I turned the engine off, and as the twilight pushed in around us he clicked his seatbelt off. I sighed with relief as I followed suit, and glanced over at him in the near-dark. Yeah, he was my type. He was definitely cute and he was hot, in a skinny sort of way. If he was going to put himself out there for me, I was happy to take advantage of it.

“So…?” he asked, sounding slightly nervous. I think he was regretting asking me out, if it meant I pulled off the road onto a deserted layby and then didn’t give him an answer.

“Undo your jeans.” It took a lot to get the words out but as soon as I did, I felt as if something had broken inside me. I could do this. I was doing this. I wasn’t the quiet girl in the background any more. In the darkness inside the car, sitting next to this man, I could be anything.

And I wanted him.

His glance was startled as he realised what I’d said, but then his hands lifted from his legs and went to the button. I was still holding his gaze as I heard the zipper being pulled down, and then he said, “What…what next?”

His chest was rising and falling fast as I glanced down, and found his cock rising out of his jeans to meet me. He was very obviously turned on. I leaned over the gearstick and his hands gripped the edges of the seat as my hair fell around my face.

And so our first touch was my lips on his cock.

I let my mouth fill with it, running my tongue around the head before I slid him deeper into my throat. And it was at that point that I realised I hadn’t yet heard a sound from him; his hands were still gripping the edges of the seat and his breath had apparently stopped. I had a moment of terror, of ‘what the hell am I even doing?’ and I was just about to withdraw and think of a way to apologise when-

“Oh.” It was a breathy moan and then his hands relaxed and clenched again. “Oh!”

I didn’t need any more encouragement to take him exactly how I’d wanted to. His cock filled my mouth and throat, and I slid a hand over to run my fingers up the smooth skin as my tongue flicked at the head before sliding back down and up again. He wasn’t noisy, but the absolute silence of the night meant I could hear every panting breath and hitch in his throat, every little moan as he fell closer and closer to the edge.

Suddenly I was aware of the air getting lighter and heard his voice, urgent and panting. “Someone’s…oh god.” His body was tense in the brilliant white light filling the car, his fingers digging into the seat fabric again. “Oh-”

And as the car roared past us and darkness flooded in again, he came, jerking against me and filling my mouth with warm salt, pulsing down my throat as I swallowed against every thrust.

“Do you do this to everyone?” he asked shakily as I ran my tongue around the head of his cock and then sat up.

I managed a laugh, wiping a drop of sticky liquid off the corner of my mouth. “No. You’re the first. I must be insane.”

I could just see the flash of teeth from the crooked smile in the darkness, and then his hands went to redo his jeans. “Good insane. That was…amazing. Um. Can I repay the favour?”

“I don’t think there’s room,” I replied, taking him literally. Cars aren’t the best places for giving women head.

I got my first full laugh out of him that night too. He was grinning when he stopped, looking over at me. “We could find somewhere more spacious?”

“I guess I could take you home.” I smiled as his fingers linked into mine, and reached for my seatbelt.

“You’re still going to give me lifts, right?” he asked as we pulled away.

“As long as you don’t mind being a little bit late sometimes.”

He laughed again, and his hand came over to rest on my thigh. “Only if I can cause some too.”

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