What Do You Want?

“What do you want?” I ask, my hand hovering over the kettle.

The worksurface is cold against my skin, and you tug my skirt down over my ass, squeezing as you go. Then my shirt comes off, and you take the opportunity to pinch my nipples, already hardening in the cool air. I want the cock that’s stiffening in your jeans and pressing up against my ass…

“Tea, please.” There’s some kind of hidden amusement in your voice, like you’ve got a secret that I don’t know, a plan that I’m not part of yet.

Your teeth bite into my neck, tracing down the soft skin to my shoulder, leaving livid marks in my pale skin as you go. Your hand is running down my body, tracing the curves of my stomach to my thighs and back to my breasts, making the skin tingle and my breath catch every time your nails dig into me.

I’ve just put the milk back in the fridge and straightened up when your fingers lace through my hair, sliding up the skin of my neck and twisting into the locks, pulling my head back as your body pressed up against my back.

I raise my eyes as I slide my tongue up your cock – you’re watching me as I’m kneeling naked between your legs, my lips wet and full. And then your hand tightens in my hair and you’re pushing me down, needing my warm mouth and wet lips on you again, and I lose myself in concentration as your hips move and your breathing quickens.

My hips are hard against the worksurface and my hands come up to the kitchen worktop, resting on the cold surface. Your breath is warm in my ear, your hand curled tightly into my hair. “So, pet?” you murmur into my ear. “What do you want?”

You’ve pushed me against the sofa, bent over; my nipples graze the fabric and my knees are scraping on the rough carpet. Your hand is on the back of my neck, and then I feel something cold against my asshole. Your fingers are warm against the cold lube and I arch, open my legs further, letting you push into me. “Good girl,” your voice murmurs. “Such a good girl.”

“Whatever you want…” I’m trying to fight the wave sweeping from my cunt, but it’s not working. You knew that I was beaten as soon as you slid your fingers into my hair.

Your fingers are digging into my thighs, pulling my legs even further apart. Your teeth find my nipple and I writhe in a mix of pain and pleasure as you bite down; I see your smile, and then the head of your cock slowly teases at my cunt. I’m already begging you with a voice that’s shaking to just do it, please, I just want you inside me, and then you start to slide into me so slowly-

“Anything, pet?”

I’m oblivious to anything except you – your skin and lips are on mine, your teeth tugging at my neck and your hips slamming into me, roughly pushing me closer to orgasm with every moan from my lips and I want you, I want this so badly, you can do anything-

“Yes, sir.”

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