Signed by Sinful Press!

sinful pleasures coverExciting news! I’m signing (I nearly wrote singing – well, I’m singing too!) a three-novella series with Sinful Press, due out next year.

We have also signed with Ellie Barker to extend her short story, Miss Blue Hair, into a three novella series, hopefully due in March of next year. Miss Blue Hair first appeared in our Sinful Pleasures anthology in August and the series will be our first in hopefully a long line of transgender erotica. Via Sinful Press.

Sky and Nikolas got up to trouble in Miss Blue Hair, and now they’re getting up to even more! Have a little tease, a little taster…

“The encryption. I need a key.”


It was obvious now why she had told me about the documents so quickly, and why the Queen had given them to me. They were useless without the key. I slid a little further down Sky’s cock and then back up again. “You didn’t give me the key.”

Her eyes glinted. She might be desperately wanting me to fuck her, but she still had smarts. “You didn’t ask.”

“Oh, dear.” I slid a hand up her body and pinched her nipple hard. She jerked under me, body writhing.

“It’s separate,” she gasped out. “They did it like that.”

“So what is the key? Do you know it?”

“No. It’s a computer key.”

I abruptly slid down on her cock, pushing her all the way in. Her body arched, and the most delicious low moan came from her lips. “Ohhhh.”

“That’s what you get for being a good girl,” I told her, trying not to smile at the words. Oh, the games we play… “So how do I get a copy of this key?”

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