Shy Boy

There’s something very satisfying about making love to a shy boy.

It’s the tempting combination of cute exterior and unobtrusive manner. It’s the smile as you tease out his name, and his blink and quick answer when you invite him home.

It’s the wide-eyed look in those observant eyes. It’s the moment of surprise as each rounded curve is revealed. It’s the admiration, coupled with astonishment, as you dip your head to his skin.

It’s the sweetness and the honesty of the reaction, the rawness of every sigh, the writhe at every touch.

It’s the smile as he dips his own head down and knows the exact movements to make you writhe. It’s the hours of practice that weren’t revealed by a cocky smile or broad wink. It’s all the more delicious for being unexpected.

It’s the sweat-soaked, panting mess that lies on your bed, screaming out your name as ecstasy turns him into the boldest of lovers.

Shy boys are the most fun.

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