Short Hair

I don’t usually admit why I keep my hair short. If anyone asks, I just confess that it’s easier to handle, or I think it looks cute – which it does. But that’s not the reason I let the ends curl against my neck and pay my hairdresser too much of my wages every month to crop it back against my ears.

It’s because when you curl your fingers into it, when you grip the lengths and wind the strands between your fingers…I’m yours.

The first time you did it, my knees buckled. I didn’t expect the surge of desire or the fierce need. You could have done anything you wanted.

And you knew it.

And so when your hand slides up my neck, teasing the trimmed strands; when you muss the careful brushing into a tangle; when you curl a length around your finger…

I’m yours.

I keep my hair short because I like it that way.

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