My Hands, Your Hair

There are so many ways this could go.

We’re feet apart on the sofa, my fingertips gently running through your hair and then down your cheek, sliding over your lips before tracing down the line of your neck and shoulder as you lean in towards me-

Your hands are in my hair and mine in yours, your lips buried in my shoulder, my legs curved round your back and your cock thrusting urgently into me as I plead with you to go faster-

I’m running both hands through your hair to push it back off your forehead as the hot water drenches us, shutting my eyes against the sting of soap as your arms slide around my waist and my wet body presses against yours-

You’re on your hands and knees, one of my hands pulling your head up, your naked back stretched out before me, your ass mine for the taking as you pant out exactly how much you want me to fuck you right now-

My fingers are twined in your hair as you grasp my hips, your tongue flicking urgently, making me lose control of anything except the need to keep you doing what you are doing-

You’re pushed against a wall, one of my hands in your hair and your cheek resting on the cold tiles, my body pressed against your back and my other hand fumbling with your jeans as I tell you exactly what I’d do to you if we had more than these few minutes-

There are so many ways this could go.

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