Holding On

-my mouth on your cock, your eyes closed, your fingertips digging into the cushions to try to hold on to something-

And then I stop, and you open your eyes. I’m smiling up at you – hair disordered, lips wet and full, cheeks flushed.

~Stay there~

You watch me as I stand, take my hairband out, shake my head and let my hair fall. Then I slide my hands over my hips and up my stomach, pushing my t-shirt up, tugging it over my head. My hands go to my back, and unclasp my bra – your chest is rising and falling as you watch, your eyes bright as you look at me. I meet your eyes as I undo my belt, and your gaze flicks between my hands and my eyes, uncertain of which to look at, trying to take everything in as I push my jeans down and step out of them, and then hook one thumb around my knickers. I see you swallow, then, but you’re still watching, and I slide the fabric down and off, and step forward.

You haven’t moved and I slide a knee either side of you, straddling your hips, and your hand twines into my hair as I lean forward to kiss you. You slide your tongue into my mouth, and I hear you groan and you arch your hips as I slide onto your cock, and your hand tightens in my hair. I slowly slide up and down again, and your other hand cups my ass, moves across my hips, round to cup my breast as I begin to move faster. I can feel the fabric of your jeans against my legs, your t-shirt against my bare skin, and as your thumb runs across my nipple you bite my lip gently, tugging it between your teeth.

And then you tug my hair, tightening your grip and making me arch my back, leaning forward to flick your tongue across my nipple. I’m holding on to your hips, not wanting to stop moving on you but worried about falling, and then you laugh and slide your arm around my back to pull me into you again, pulling me in to kiss you as I slide my arms around your shoulders and move faster, reveling in the feeling of your cock filling me, sliding into my wetness and out, my lips on yours and your body pressed against mine.

You’re panting into my mouth, spasming under me, and your hand in my hair tightens as you repeat, Yes, yes yes-

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