I push you down onto the sofa, and you look up at me with that expression of lust that suits you so well. You watch me in silence as I kneel in front of you, my hands undoing your belt and jeans, and then your eyes half-close and your head tilts back as my fingers close around your cock. A few slow strokes and then my wet lips are around you, and I hear you groan as the warmth of my mouth slides down.

Your hands twine into my hair. “Slowly. Can’t have you being greedy.”

You’ve lifted my head away, and I raise my eyes as I gently tease the tip of your cock with my tongue. I have no idea how you’re keeping your self-control – and from the look in your eyes, I’d guess it’s only by the barest margin. Then you release me a little, and I can slide down again, feeling you fill my mouth and push against the back of my throat.

I am greedy; I want all of you. But I’ll settle for your quiet gasps, the involuntary movements of your hips, the way your fingers tighten in my hair…and I’ll swallow your moan of pleasure along with the salt filling my mouth, wanting more even as I take everything.

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