For Science

You’ve never had anyone you can do this with; I’m your first, and you’re definitely making the most of the opportunity. You want to learn; you’ve got the most scientific mind of anyone I’ve ever met, and your desire for knowledge is so enthusiastic that I can’t deny you anything.

You’ve turned me onto my front and pushed my legs apart, tracing my asshole with a slow finger, gently spreading my buttocks to get a better look. “Ohhhh, I see. The muscles are there-”

The lube’s cold, and I bite back a moan as your finger slowly pushes into me. You’re fascinated, and I spend a while tensing and relaxing as your warm hand rests on my ass and your fingers play, sliding in and out. And then your other hand moves down, and your fingers dip into my slit. “Are you always this wet?”

Only when you’ve spent half an hour running your hands across my ribs and stomach, touching my nipples to make them harden, grasping my hips to trace the bones and muscles beneath. Only when your fingers are pushing into my ass and you’re slowly tracing my cunt, up to my clit and back down. “It’s fairly normal.”

I raise myself on my knees a little more to let you move, and then your hands are on my thighs. You shift me as if I’m a toy, moving your knees under mine and laying me onto your lap, spread out in front of you. Your thumb slides into my cunt, back out, and then you curve your fingers in. “I can feel the muscles already.”

I tense then relax, and hear you laugh gently. “Oh wow.”

“D’you want to feel them properly?”

“Uh, ok?”

“Leave your fingers in there.”

You push two fingers into my cunt, and I slide my hand down. I hear you say, “Oh!” as I touch my clit and my muscles tense, and then your thumb slides into my ass as I begin to stroke. You’ve wound me up so much that I’m gone within a minute, gasping into the pillow with your fingers inside me to hold me down, writhing in pleasure across your lap.

“Wow,” you say as I relax, feeling the last of the orgasm pulse around your fingers. “That was hot.”

Then, with the biggest smile I’ve seen on your face; “I like science!”

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