She runs a finger down my naked back, ending at my bound hands. I instinctively arch away from her cold skin, and can almost see her smile of satisfaction. “Don’t you like any of my names for you?” her voice asks from behind me.

“They’re not affectionate.”

Her fingers twine into my hair as her lips touch my ear. “Honey isn’t affectionate?”

I can feel her warm breath, and then her fingers pinch my nipple sharply. I can’t stop the whimper of desire, but gasp out, “Not very.”

“You don’t do sweet, do you?” she muses in my ear. “You do pain.” A tweak on the other nipple reinforces her point. “You need to be…controlled.” That’s a jerk at my hair. “Tamed.”

I let her think, savouring the feeling of my hair coiled around her fingers and anticipating the next moment. Her breath is still on my ear, and then her hand jerks my head back sharply. “All the normal ones are boring. You know that you’re mine for the taking. You don’t need a name to prove that.”

I manage to pant out agreement as she slowly runs a finger down from my chin, tracing my breastbone, down towards my stomach.

“I don’t know. I’ll decide on something when I’m less…” her finger is oh-so-slowly tracing lower, “…busy.”

I stop thinking.

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