Dancing With Myself

She wanted me. Just me.

My housemate got off on watching, and I was an exhibitionist. It was a combination made in sexual heaven, except for the fact that we’d never actually done anything together, despite talking a lot about porn – until this morning, when she’d found me watching something badly-made and told me I could do better.

And now she was here, in my sunlit room, and I was already turned on just from the thought of finishing in front of her.

I self-consciously undressed while she set the camera up, putting the tripod at the end of the bed. My big window let in the sunlight but luckily, being on the third floor meant I didn’t have anyone overlooking.

“On the bed,” she told me, giving the camera one final adjust. “I want this to be simple. Just you using your hands, as slow as you like.”

My nipples were hardening in the air, and my feet felt cold against the floor. I walked over to the bed, suddenly feeling very exposed as I looked at the patch of warm fabric. And then I climbed on.

Just me, and my hands.

I tumbled myself over onto my back, trying to ignore the camera. The sun was in my eyes and across my skin, and I could feel the warmth from the sheets beneath me. Just me…

I ran one hand down my chest, and pulled my legs up. The camera at the end was able to see enough; it would catch my skin and stomach and nipples and the patch of darker hair between my legs as I spread them and slid my hand down, following the curve of my hip before I trailed over my leg and then down to my slit, using one finger to dip into the wetness and bring it up to my clit.

I knew someone was watching – two someones. Her, and the camera.

And I wanted to show everything I could for them.

I pushed my free hand up into my hair, stretching out in the sunlight, relaxing into the feeling of my back against the warm sheets and my skin open to the warm air. My fingers were drifting between my legs, dancing around my slit, teasing and taunting. I dipped one finger in again and then went back to circle my clit, then back down to dip two fingers in. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to finger-fuck myself or tease my nub to orgasm, or both. What would make the better show?

I pulled my other hand out of my hair, running it through the strands, and then lingered by my nipples on the way down my body. They were rock-hard in the air and I couldn’t help the moan as I tweaked one. I loved knowing my body so well, being able to put just the right amount of pressure and pain into myself, being able to flick my clit just right as I slid my other hand down the side of my leg, pulling my thighs back to allow myself access. My legs were up in the air now, the camera lingering on my ass, my slit, with my nipples and breasts and gasping mouth in the background, moaning as I slid my fingers into my cunt. Three filled it nicely, even if it did mean I was stretching my arm a little, but it was so worth it for the feeling.

I dallied, sliding my makeshift dildo in and out as I circled my clit with the other hand, tempting my body further towards orgasm just to let the camera get its fill. And then I could put my heels down, raising my ass, letting my little finger linger on my asshole and my muscles clench as I pushed everything closer, closer, my fingers moving harder now, my hand sliding in and out, the camera’s eyes urging me on, and my housemate there, one hand against her mouth and the other up under her dress, pushing herself to her own climax because I was there, on display, panting and moaning and shuddering for her as I came, bucking against my fingers and hand and writhing under their gaze as the jagged shards tore through me.

And in the silence that followed, I heard a gasp, and my housemate’s voice. “Oh, yes.”

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