You’ve got that faint smile at the corners of your mouth as you watch me walk towards you. I’ve got my hands over my head, undoing my hair from its tie, and I know that it displays my body to best effect. You sit up, reaching a hand out to me as I shake my hair down around my face, but I’ve already pushed your shoulder and you’re tumbling back onto the bed as I climb on and swing my leg over you, trapping your hips beneath me. My fingers trace around your wrists, and I slide up your body as I push your hands back over your head, pinning you down onto the bed.

You’re grinning up at me, amused that I’ve tried to trap you, and the muscles shift in your arms as you try to strain against my hands and weight. I move down to kiss your lips and slide onto your cock in the same movement, and feel your involuntary moan into my mouth as you feel my warmth, your hands still trapped over your head, all thoughts of escape forgotten for the moment.

I trace kisses down your neck and into the crease of your shoulder and then across your collarbone, a kiss for every time I slide up your cock and then down onto you again. Your breathing is beginning to quicken, and you turn your head to catch my ear with your lips and then your teeth, gently tugging and making me gasp in turn. My fingers are still around your wrists, pressing you down, and I bend to gently flick one nipple with my tongue. I hear you moan at the sensation, and then your head falls back and fists clench as I raise my head again and begin to speed my movements, pushing myself onto you, feeling you respond.

My hair is falling across my eyes and your cheek, and I shake my head to get it out of the way as you lift your head and press your lips to mine. You’re straining against my hands now, your hips moving beneath me urgently, and I tense myself around you to make you moan into my lips. You’re gasping, unable to stop thrusting into me, and then you tense and shudder, moaning with something that’s almost pain as the feelings overtake you and you writhe against my hands on your wrists.

Then it’s over and you fall back, twitching as the last of the sensations pulse through you.

It’s a few seconds later that you open your eyes, looking up at me with that same faint smile. You’ve almost forgotten that I’ve kept you pinned until I shift my weight, leaning forward to slowly kiss your lips before releasing you, running my fingertips down your arms as I do so. There’s something like admiration in your eyes, although I’m not sure what in particular it’s for, and then you bring your arms over my head and pull me down into your kiss.

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